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In India a large number of technical institutions and institutions of higher learning have emerged since Independence as a result of systematic and conscious intervention of the Government. Many of these are comparable to the best institutions in the world. These institutions are churning out large number of trained manpower, thus fulfilling the need of the industry, R&D institutions and other sectors of economy. In the wake of economic liberalization during the 1990s, significant number of institutions of higher learning has also been promoted by the private sector. In order to make optimal use of facilities, expertise and know-how available in these institutions for the benefit of the society, it is necessary that appropriate links are established between them and the industry. In addition, young technocrats are also looking out for opportunities to exploit their full potential by setting up their own ventures thus becoming "job generators" rather than "job seekers". This necessitates systemic interventions and new instruments, which could facilitate the development and growth of new ventures by technologies. In this context, some of the mechanisms which have become popular the world over include Science Parks, Technology Parks, Technology Business Incubators, Techno polis, School of Small Business Development, Innovation Centers, etc.

VNRVJIET ED Cell has come into existence from August,2006. It is nurtured with additional inputs like regular class work by internal faculty, guest lectures, e- Talks by entrepreneurs idea generation workshops and seminars. VNRVJIET has obtained permission to undertake EDC Project from 2011-2012 with AICTE funds for a period of 3 years.


We offer incubation facilities for upcoming young entrepreneurs to incubate their ideas in any proposed area of their interest

We offer consultancy services for industrial units owned by entrepreneurs and also family business units owned by our students

We help them in running their units as profit centers

We offer our services as mentors for your business. We also extend our services in reviving sick units.

Contact: edcell@vnrvjiet.in

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