Department of Electronics Instrumentation Engineering

The B.Tech, Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering (EIE) was started during the academic year 1999-2000 with an intake of 60 and has been enhanced to 120 during the academic year 2011-2012. Furthermore, M.Tech in Electronics and Instrumentation (E & I) was started during the academic year 2010-2011 respectively with the approval of AICTE and affiliated to JNTUH.

TInstrumentation engineering is a multi-disciplinary branch focusing on the measurement, control and automation in the fields viz. the Electrical, Electronics, Manufacturing, Power Generation, Process Control, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Food Processing, Bio-Medical, Bio-Tech etc. Application of modern instrumentation techniques greatly enhances the "Productivity, Quality, Reliability of the Products, with improved Stability, Safety and Optimization of Resources". All the major R&D organizations like DRDO, ISRO, DAF, BARC, NRSC etc require the services of talented young instrumentation engineers for all their R&D activities involving highly sophisticated instrumentation systems.


A resource centre of academic excellence for imparting technical education with high pattern of discipline through dedicated staff which shall set global standards, making National and International students technologically superior and ethically strong, who in turn shall improve the quality of life.


To provide quality education in the domain of Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering through effective learner centric process.

To provide industry specific best of breed laboratory facilities beyond curriculum to promote diverse collaborative research for meeting the changing industrial and societal needs.

UG PEO's,PO's & PSO's PG PEO's,PO's & PSO's SWOC
S.No Name of the Faculty Designation Joining Date Qualification Nature of Association E-Mail JNTUH ID
1 Dr.R.Manjula Sri Professor & HOD 08-12-1998 Ph.D Regular 58150405-142724
2 Dr.Malleti Sreedhar Professor 01-12-2016 Ph.D. Regular 4585-161201-160209
3 Dr.K.Vidya Sagar Professor 01-11-2017 Ph.D. Regular 30150402-161632
4 Dr.S.Pranavanand Associate Professor 21-04-2006 Ph.D Regular 3122-150408-230445
5 Dr.K.Sudha Rani Associate Professor 04-09-2006 Ph.D Regular 6826-150408-004725
6 Dr.Harikrishna Mulam Associate Professor 14-09-2001 Ph.D Regular 4271-150409-095841
7 Mrs.Anita Kulkarni Associate Professor 10-08-2002 M.Tech Regular 4644-150410-103102
8 Dr.Nageshwar V Associate Professor 04-09-2006 Ph.D Regular 5292-150408-095707
9 Dr.Chakravarthula Kiran Associate Professor 07-12-2012 Ph.D Regular 93150402-131530
10 Mr.C V Rambabu Sr. Assistant Professor 03-07-2002 M.Tech Regular 3579-150409-100539
11 Mrs.Shobhana Priscilla Sr. Assistant Professor 05-11-2007 M.E Regular 94150403-231203
12 Dr.K.Vijay Chandra Assistant Professor 24-03-2011 M.Tech Regular 3905-150408-060408
13 Mr.A Adithya Kashyap Assistant Professor 27-06-2011 M.Tech Regular 4360-150408-213505
14 Mr.S Nagarjuna Chary Assistant Professor 03-12-2011 M.E Regular 9451-150409-160530
15 Mrs.Vandana Samanthula Assistant Professor 24-05-2012 M.Tech Regular 36150404-150808
16 Mr.G Vamsi Krishna Assistant Professor 10-12-2012 M.Tech Regular 4477-150408-173042
17 Mrs.Bharati Sagi Assistant Professor 19-12-2012 M.Tech Regular 9855-150408-131416
18 Mr.N. Akshay Assistant Professor 05-08-2013 M.Tech Regular 29150402-125950
19 Mr.P V Gopi Kumar Assistant Professor 28-11-2014 M.Tech Regular 7687-150410-102714
20 Mrs.J Jyothirmai Assistant Professor 29-04-2015 M.Tech Regular 3290-150429-155205
21 Mrs.Srilaxmi Dasari Assistant Professor 14-03-2016 M.Tech Regular 8927-160314-171553
22 Mrs.Sampurna Lakshmi P Assistant Professor 17-06-2016 M.Tech Regular 5746-150418-143340
23 Ms.Doddapaneni Swetha Assistant Professor 17-06-2016 M.Tech Regular 3413-161222-122648
24 Mr.S Bhargav Assistant Professor 23-06-2016 M.Tech Regular 65150403-103830
25 Mr.B.Goutam Assistant Professor 01-04-2017 M.Tech Regular 6072-150408-120918
26 Dr.B.Rajasekhara Reddy Assistant Professor 02-03-2018 Ph.D Regular 5905-180203-132313
27 Dr.S.Senthilkumar Assistant Professor 07-03-2018 Ph.D Regular 5308-180202-115849
28 Mr. Ch.Venkanna Assistant Professor 01-07-2022 M.Tech Regular 9774-220705-145843
29 Mrs.R.Suneetha Assistant Professor 03-05-2021 M.Tech Regular 1674-150413-135022
30 Mr P. Naresh Kumar Assistant Professor 12-04-2023 M.Tech Regular 5756-230412-122436

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