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Civil Engineering is a broad field of engineering that deals with planning, design, construction, and maintenance of different structures like buildings, roads, bridges, canals, dams, water supply and treatment systems etc. The Department of Civil Engineering was started in the year 2001 with an annual intake of 60 undergraduate students which was subsequently raised to the present annual intake of 120 students. It also offers three PG Courses in Structural Engineering, Geo-Technical Engineering and Highway Engineering. In addition, the department is recognized as a research center by JNTUH. In the year 2016, UG Civil Engineering program is conferred with Six years of accreditation under Tier-I by the National Board of Accreditation (NBA), India.PG Structural Engineering program is accredited for 3 years by NBA in the year 2021.The department provides extensive lab facilities in the areas of Structural Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Hydraulics, Remote Sensing, Geospatial Information System and Surveying. The department also provides separate computer laboratories for UG and PG students. It also has a library with varied collection of books and several facilities..

The Department has well qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty for teaching, research and consultancy works. The department has a rich ambience of spacious and ICT facilities provided classrooms and laboratories which is conducive for learning and training. To promote academic and research cognizance among faculty, staff and students, the department is actively involved in organizing Seminars/Symposia/Workshops. The department has also conducted two International conferences and four National conferences in various domains of Civil Engineering.

It should be mentioned that very good academic environment and the meticulous efforts of faculty and supporting staff have enabled the students to bring laurels to the department and institute by securing the highest ranks in the university. During the Academic Year 2013-2014, the 1st Three Ranks in Civil Engineering among all the affiliated colleges of JNTU were bagged by the students of VNR VJIET. In Placements front, the number of students from the Civil Engineering department, who got placed, has surpassed the number from several other institutes..

The Department relentlessly promotes research and consultancy. The main areas of research include Structural Engineering, Geo-Technical Engineering, Highway Engineering and Water Resources Engineering. The Department regularly receives sponsored project grants from AICTE, UGC, DST and other research organizations. The department also offers various consultancy works to government and private organizations. The Department is accorded with a recognition as 3rd party by Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) for testing, checking designs and certification..


To develop Civil Engineering Department as a centre of excellence for imparting value based education to the students at under-graduate and post-graduate level to meet industry needs and to develop as a major research centre to meet the national and international standards


To impart in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of Civil Engineering, stressing concepts with focus on character enhancement, leadership qualities, effective communication, social responsibility, pursuit of lifelong learning and professional development.

To provide a platform to students to engage in innovative research work


Program Educational Objectives

  • To provide students with a solid foundation in Basic and Engineering Sciences to understand, analyze and evaluate the information to achieve expertise in core areas of Civil Engineering.
  • To prepare the students to achieve high level technical expertise in the fields of Civil Engineering and to excel in the design and construction of various components or systems of Civil Engineering and to make the students capable of pursuing higher studies and research.
  • To establish acquaintance with the practical implementation of the theoretical concepts through laboratories, by bringing the real world into the academics through virtual industry labs and to enhance experimental skills of students beyond curriculum and encouraging them to identify and solve complex engineering problems.
  • To equip students with modern professional abilities such as effective communication, collaborative work in diverse teams, ethical decision making, successful management of personal and professional career objectives and passion for continuous development through lifelong learning.
  • To prepare the students to guide their professional development by bringing awareness of professional society activities, professional licensure requirements and opportunities for further education in graduate school.

Program Outcomes (POs)

  • Engineering Knowledge: The student is capable of applying the principles of basic sciences and mathematics in learning the Civil Engineering subjects. Graduates will be proficient in the core principles of Civil Engineering as they pertain to the sub-fields of Environmental Engineering, Geo-Technical Engineering, Structural Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Water Resources Engineering and will be able to apply these principles in engineering practice.
  • Problem Analysis: The Graduates will possess critical thinking skills, problem solving abilities and familiarity with the computational procedures essential to the field.
  • Design & Development of Solutions: The student is able to plan, analyze, design and look after the construction of various types of Civil Engineering structures with appropriate consideration for public health and safety, cultural, societal and environmental considerations.
  • Conduct investigations of complex problems: The student will use research based methods to design, conduct experiments, to analyze and interpret experimental data.
  • Modern Tool Usage: The student will get hands on training in the various modern Civil Engineering software and modern equipment.
  • The Engineer and Society: The students will apply reasoning and uses appropriate knowledge to assess societal, health, safety, legal and cultural issues.
  • Environment and Sustainability: As the students possess substantial knowledge in multi disciplinary subjects, they will be able to plan various projects keeping in view of its environmental effects on other related fields.
  • Ethics: The student will apply ethical principles and commitment to profession and responsibilities of their profession.
  • Individual and Team work: The graduate is capable of working productively as an individual, as a member or a leader in driver set teams.
  • Communication: The student will possess mastery in good communication skills, expressing ideas, writing technical reports and effective managerial skills.
  • Project Management and Finance: The graduates will acquire knowledge and understanding of the critical issues for professional practices such as the procurement of works, interaction with contractors during the construction phase of a project, financial and managerial capabilities.
  • Life-Long learning: The student will have an awareness of contemporary issues and will contribute to the well being of the community with life-long learning in the broadest context of ever growing technology.

Program Specific Outcomes

  • Survey, Plot & Plan layout for Civil Engineering Structures and alignment for Canals & Roads
  • Analyze the problems related to structural components for Buildings, Pavements and Waterways and recommend suitable measures with appropriate consideration for public health, safety and Environmental sustainability.
  • Specify, design, supervise, test & evaluate foundations & superstructures for Buildings, Industries. Hydraulic structures, Powerhouses, Highways, Railways, Airways, Water supply systems & Sewage treatment plants.
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Department In news


  • Department of Civil Engineering, VNR Vignana Jyothi Institute of Engineering and Technology, Hyderabad is organising an AICTE sponsored 5-day online Faculty Development Program (FDP) "Innovative contactless investigation techniques in Civil Engineering" from 6th September to 10th September .
  • AICTE Sponsored Two Week online Faculty Development Program (FDP) on Advanced Computing in Civil Engineering (ACCE) from 16-Nov-2020 to 28-Nov-2020. Series-1: Advanced Computational tools in Structural Modelling and Analysis & Transportation and Traffic systems.
  • International conference on construction material and smart structures for sustainable development (ICCMSSSD)-2020, January 29th to 31st January 2020
  • Dept. of Civil Engineering is accorded with 3rd party quality control services for the year 2018 - 19 from GHMC Hyd. Govt. of TS
  • Dept. of Civil Engineering is recognised as Research Centre from JNTU H from 2018
S.No Name of the Faculty Designation Joining Date Qualification Nature of Association E-Mail JNTUH ID
1 Dr.A.Mallika Professor & HOD 11-08-2004 Ph.D. Regular 51150406-150532
2 Dr.B.D.V.Chandra Mohan Rao Professor 14-09-2005 Ph.D. Regular 7160-150407-204742
3 Dr.P.N.Singh Professor 25-07-2013 Ph.D. Regular 88150407-105745
4 Dr.K.Ramujee Professor&Dean Examination and Evalution 05-11-1999 Ph.D. Regular 0171-150407-213332
5 Dr.B.Narendra Kumar Professor 18-12-2003 Ph.D. Regular 5111-150408-175736
6 Dr.Ch.Nageshwar Rao Professor 01-03-2017 Ph.D. Regular 0565-170207-220306
7 Dr.A.Ramesh Professor 03-12-2007 Ph.D. Regular 6744-150412-204559
8 Dr.K.Ravi Kumar Associate Professor 06-07-2015 Ph.D. Regular 1263-160303-180642
9 Dr.K.Srinivas Associate Professor 26-05-2018 Ph.D. Regular 7749-151219-181423
10 Dr.C.Naveen Kumar Associate Professor 03-02-2018 Ph.D. Regular 9806-180207-174847
11 Dr.K.Suresh Sr.Assistant Professor 01-11-2012 Ph.D. Regular 0745-150409-122315
12 Mr.P.V.S.Gopi Raghunadh Assistant Professor 04-11-2013 M.Tech Regular 3693-150409-202048
13 Mr.T.Srinivasa Rao Assistant Professor 21-08-2014 M.Tech Regular 4490-150410-140232
14 Mr.T.Naga Teja Assistant Professor 18-12-2014 M.Tech Regular 49150404-114318
15 Mrs.P.Arti Sudam Assistant Professor 09-05-2015 M.Tech Regular 2838-150509-142354
16 Dr.R.Durga Prasad Assistant Professor 20-07-2015 Ph.D. Regular 6376-151218-120643
17 Mr.K.Veerendra Gopi Assistant Professor 11-08-2015 M.Tech Regular 3795-151221-130914
18 Mrs.Sangeetha Assistant Professor 14-09-2015 M.Tech Regular 9717-151222-145610
19 Ms.V Ramya Krishna Assistant Professor 06-06-2016 M.Tech Regular 6542-150408-135509
20 Mrs.A Jyothirmai Assistant Professor 24-06-2016 M.Tech Regular 9761-161222-111702
21 Mr.B Manikanta Reddy Assistant Professor 21-11-2016 M.Tech Regular 1070-161124-184841
22 Mr.J Y V Shiva Bhushan Assistant Professor 02-01-2017 M.Tech Regular 6268-170102-151059
23 Dr. G Lalitha Assistant Professor 01-03-2017 Ph.D Regular 37150404-121416
24 Ms. R Harika Assistant Professor 01-03-2017 M.Tech Regular 0233-170131-020324
25 Mrs. P.Sarika Assistant Professor 06-12-2017 MS. Regular 1244-171227-114029
26 Dr. S.Rakesh Assistant Professor 02-02-2018 Ph.D. Regular 5356-180131-005247
27 Dr D. Harinder Assistant Professor 10-07-2019 Ph.D. Regular 5091-190507-160535
28 Dr.B.Murali Krishna Assistant Professor 03-03-2020 Ph.D. Regular 3965-200306-180920
29 Dr K Sai Sahitya Assistant Professor 01-09-2021 Ph.D Regular 8274-210702-155700
30 Mr. G. Sambasiva Rao Assistant Professor 21-04-2022 M.Tech Regular 0401-220427-101804
31 Mr. K. Ravindra Babu Assistant Professor 20-06-2022 M.Tech Regular 9971-220707-134232
32 Mrs. J. Soujanya. Assistant Professor 01-08-2022 M.Tech Regular 9798-220707-143231
33 Ms. S. Vedasri Assistant Professor 08-08-2022 M.Tech Regular 3140-220708-163847
34 Mr.. P. Rama Rao Assistant Professor 14-08-2022 M.Tech Regular 4149-180416-121931

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