Department of Artificial Intelligence & Data Science

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE), established in the year 1995, evolved towards enhancing Computing and its applications to build the intellectual capital of the society. The department is witnessing a period of exciting growth and opportunity propelled by the growth of technology and its recognition through excellence. It offers 6 UG courses.

Welcome to the Department of AI & DS. This department is established in 2020 with the DS and CyS B.Tech. program with the intake of 120 and 60 respectively and in the year 2021 started with the AI & DS B.Tech. program with a intake of 60. This department is dedicated to explore the fascinating fields of Data Science, AI, and Cyber Security issues equipping the students with the knowledge and skills to excel in these rapidly evolving domains.

B.Tech. Data Science and Artificial Intelligence and Data Science programme kick-starts, in our college with a vision to build the intellectual capital of the society through research-based education, creating new knowledge and innovations. The department offers a comprehensive curriculum through a combination of lectures, hands-on projects, and experiential learning opportunities. We strive to cultivate a deep understanding of the principles and techniques underlying the current technologies. It boasts a team of highly qualified and experienced faculty members who are experts in their respective areas. They are dedicated to imparting knowledge, mentoring students, and staying updated with the latest advancements in the field. The Department provides internships, real-world projects, and networking events. Students gain invaluable industry exposure and insights into the practical applications to enhancing their employability. The department is involved in pioneering research and supports research activities both for teachers and students. We promote a culture of innovation, encouraging students and faculty members to explore new ideas, conduct research projects, and publish their findings in reputable journals and conferences and explore themselves in cutting-edge technologies like Image Processing, Augmented Reality, Data Analytics, Cyber Forensic, Malware analysis etc. All the activities are conducted in association with different clubs like VJ DATA QUESTERS, VJ GARUDA VIGILENCE, VJ HACKSLASH and VJ CreatinAI clubs.


To produce engineers with in-depth technical knowledge and ethical values.

To incorporate ingeniousness and self- driven capabilities to the students in the fields of mezzanine technologies.

To nurture the ecosystem of Innovation, Research and Development through an integrated teaching-learning environment for faculty and students.


Offer diverse curriculum in line with industry, professional and research bodies.

Provide project-based learning environment for developing diverse practical capabilities.

Offer advanced trainings to enable process skills and competencies.

PEOs, POs & PSOs

B.Tech : Artificial Intelligence & Data Science

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

    The student in Artificial Intelligence & Data Science will be able to:

  • Enable the students to accomplish professional career in business, government, or academia, with the ability to create creative solutions utilising technology as a tool to address pressing issues. (Professional accomplishment).
  • Conduct research talents in cutting-edge technologies will add to a new corpus of knowledge (Continuing Education).
  • Develop a learning mind-set to continuously improve their knowledge, through on the job, formal and informal learning opportunities. (Attitudes).
  • Build ethical ability and good leadership, management, teamwork, and communication abilities.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

  • Apply the principles of artificial intelligence and data science that require problem-solving, inference, perception, knowledge representation, and learning.
  • Exhibit strong professional skills to function effectively in multi-disciplinary and heterogeneous teams with a growth mind-set to deliver a quality product for Business, Education & Training and E-governance.
  • Provide a concrete foundation and enrich their abilities to qualify for Employment, Higher studies and Research in Artificial Intelligence and Data science with ethical values.
S.No Name of the Faculty Designation Joining Date Qualification Nature of Association E-Mail JNTUH ID
1 Dr.M. Raja Sekar Professor & HOD 24-11-2016 Ph.D. Regular 14150402-115407
2 Dr.T. Sunil Kumar Professor 28-09-2005 Ph.D. Regular 47150404-190607
3 Dr.P. Subash Assoc. Professor 12-06-2016 Ph.D. Regular 8601-150407-215242
4 Dr.V. Prashanthi Sr.Asst.Professor 03-04-2022 Ph.D. Regular 8015-150409-113940
5 Mr.R. Kranthi Kumar Asst. Professor 24-05-2010 M.Tech(Ph.D) Regular 32150403-182619
6 Mrs.Y. Bhanu Sree Asst. Professor 02-07-2014 M.Tech(Ph.D) Regular 61150401-162129
7 Mr.V. Surya Narayana Reddy Asst. Professor 26-07-2021 M.Tech(Ph.D) Consolidated 3697-150417-193330
8 Dr.T. Preethi Asst. Professor 07-03-2022 Ph.D. Regular 2625-220308-111834
9 Mr.P. Veeranjaneyulu Asst. Professor 28-03-2022 M.Tech(Ph.D) Consolidated 2118-150426-113758
10 Mrs.N. Sunanda Asst. Professor 06-05-2022 M.Tech(Ph.D) Consolidated 9955-220509-162547
11 Mr.P. Vijayaragavan Asst. Professor 29-06-2022 B.E.,M.Tech.,(Ph.D) Consolidated 5333-220707-144633
12 Mr.M .Durgaprasad Asst. Professor 18-07-2022 M.Tech(Ph.D) Regular 2687-160306-194928
13 Mrs.G. Ashalatha Asst. Professor 29-07-2022 M.Tech Consolidated 4887-220720-121316
14 Mrs.E. Lalitha Asst. Professor 01-08-2022 M.Tech Consolidated 1001-160314-205830
15 Mr.G. Sathar Asst. Professor 04-08-2022 M.Tech Regular 6476-220708-121723
16 Mr. Manmath Nath Das Asst. Professor 06-08-2022 M.Tech Consolidated 2610-220719-213956
17 Mrs.D.Ramya Krishna Asst. Professor 03-02-2022 M.Tech(Ph.D) Regular 6149-221213-120302
18 Dr.Y.Sucharitha Asst. Professor 05-12-2022 Ph.D consolidated 5957-150413-135745
19 Ms.Issac Neha Margaret Asst. Professor 06-12-2022 M.Tech Consolidated 1429-230201-154632
20 Ms.N.Sudha Asst. Professor 07-12-2022 M.Tech Consolidated 2184-221213-122151
21 Mr. Rajesh Kumar Ojha Asst.Professor 07-12-2022 M.Tech Consolidated 9503-230119-092037
22 Mr. K.Sai Bhargav Asst. Professor 18-01-2023 M.Tech Consolidated 8774-230209-154747
23 Mr. M.Sunil Kumar Asst. Professor 18-01-2023 M.Tech Regular 4826-200218-180138
24 Mrs.B.Deepika Asst. Professor 18-01-2023 M.Tech(Ph.D) Consolidated 4826-200218-180138
25 Mrs.Rasmita Kumari Mohanty Asst. Professor 21-02-2023 M.Tech(Ph.D) Regular 1448-150408-131255
26 Mrs.P.Devika Asst. Professor 21-02-2023 M.Tech(Ph.D) Regular 3929-150411-133834
27 Mrs.G.Mounika Asst. Professor 01-03-2023 M.Tech Regular 7919-230403-142453
28 Mr.G.Yedukondalu Asst. Professor 01-03-2023 M.Tech Consolidated 8827-160314-204132
29 Mr. B.Sangameshwar Asst. Professor 03-03-2023 M.Tech Consolidated 6786-220607-133808
30 Mrs.S.Krishnapriya Asst. Professor 13-03-2023 M.Tech(Ph.D) Regular 3182-220527-125000
31 Ch.Akhil Asst. Professor 03-04-2023 M.Tech Regular 5814-230404-123307
32 R.Sravan Asst. Professor 10-04-2023 M.Tech(Ph.D) Consolidated 06150407-104422
33 A.Pramod Kumar Asst. Professor 12-04-2023 M.Tech(Ph.D) Consolidated 06150407-104422

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