Student council

The Student council in VNRVJIET plays a vital role in representing the interests and concerns of the student body, fostering a sense of community for the overall development of the institute’s experience. This council is typically comprised of student representatives who serve as a bridge between the students and the institute’s administration.

The primary functions of the student council is to advocate for student needs and address their concerns. This involves engaging in open communication with both students and institute administrators to ensure that the student voice is heard and considered in decision-making processes. The council organizes meetings to gather feedback and opinions from the student body, creating a platform for open dialogue.

Additionally, the student council often plays a key role in organizing and overseeing various campus events and activities. These can include cultural festivals, technical fests, hackathons, academic seminars, extension activities, and more. By actively participating in event planning and execution, the council contributes to the vibrant and dynamic campus life that enhances the overall experience for students. The council ensures transparency in making decisions that align with the interests and needs of the students.