The process of globalization puts great responsibility on the academic institutions to continuously update and re-design their curricula in every field to equip students to cope with the changing needs of the society. Tremendous developments and inventions in the industry, research and development are taking place at rapid pace. To meet these challenges VNRVJIET, an Autonomous Institute under JNTUH and UGC revising its curricula continuously.

These revisions are to strengthen infra structural facilities, motivate the faculty to pursue research and also involve the students in the on-going industry and R&D sponsored projects. This enables the institution to transform young amateur engineers into highly skilled professional technocrats so as meeting the Institution Vision, Mission and Goals.

The academic section of VNRVJIET facilitates and encourages all departments to continuously revise and update with the latest trends in technology and to equip the societal needs. This section will provide norms and guidelines for preparing course structure and drafting the syllabus of each subject to the departments. The department academic committees (DAC's) of respective departments will discuss the content of the syllabus as per the prescribed norms in consultation with other departments, if necessary. A draft copy will be prepared and presented to the concerned Board of Studies (BoS) for discussion and finalization of the syllabus and course structure. The finalized course structure and syllabus, which is approved by the respective BoS, will be placed before the Academic Council (AC) for further discussion on course structure and other academic matters for approval and implementation.

Dean, Academics Dr. K. Anuradha
Co-ordinator-1: Dr. Y. Shivraj Narayan
Co-ordinator-2: Dr. K. Jaya Prakash
Supporting staff:
Junior Assistant Mr. Ch. Obulesu
Junior Computer Programmer Mr. Ravi Kumar Kancheti
23042758/59 Ext: 6060, 6061


    The courses of study are organized on semester programs and each semester provides for a minimum of Ninety Instructional days. The medium of instruction is English. Students are evaluated on a continuous basis throughout the semester. Evaluation is done by the faculty, a consequence of the autonomous status granted to the Institute. The rigors of academic study at each level are balanced with a number of other related activities which include co-curricular activities, Special lectures on varied topic of academic relevance.

Features of VNRVJIET Curriculum

  • VNRVJIET graduation recognized globally with the support of SGPA (Semester Grade Points Average) and CGPA (Cumulative Grade Points Average).
  • Linking Shadow Engineering, a unique program of VNRVJIET to Industry Oriented Mini-Project to enable students to look and experience the real time system/ environments before graduation.
  • MTP (Mentoring, Training & Placement) records get evaluated by linking with seminars during IV-Year I Semester.
  • Introduction of non-credit courses and Bridge courses specific to department level to meet the requirements of industry before the graduation itself.
  • Introduction of value-added courses to all students in the institution level to meet the social commitment.
  • The academic section in support of all departments of VNRVJIET and through the continuous monitory / observation of globalization in and around the country will do the continuous refinement of curriculum so as to meet the Institution vision, mission and goals.

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