The following are the patents at various stages.
1. A DC-to-DC converter configuration by soft switching devices
2. A passive filter configuration to reduce the produced by non-linear loads
3. A wire-less system to reliably control a large network of street lighting systems from a central location through FM broadcast
4. An Intelligent and Intuitive Signaling System for motor vehicles to minimize road accidents.
5. An integrated computing system and a process to generate the driver safety index for preventing automobile accidents
6. Instrumented Method for Smart Operations
7. Instrumented Method for Smart Operations
8. Fuel Indicator and Global Fuel Pump Detection System
9. Automatic Airlock Prevention System And Method Thereof
10. A Novel pixel based method for Satellite Image Classification
11. An Apparatus for making a flat edible food
12. A Method and system for analyzing risk associated with respiratory sounds
13. An arrangement to Increase the Level of Liquids
14. A Method to Create Robust Super Hydro Phobic/ Self Cleaning Surface
15. Stabilization Device For Two Wheeler