On Going Research Projects

The following 14 research projects are on-going in the institute worth Rs. 117.90 Lakhs.
Defense R&D Organization (DRDO) Projects:
1. Development of a machine learning based algorithm for computer aided-diagnosis malaria
2. Development of procedures for computation of Titanium-canadium binary alloy system using cluster variation methods
3. Development of a tool for the management of diabetes mellitus
University Grants Commission (UGC) Projects:
4. Development and Implementation of Automized System for the Detection of Sleep Disorders Using EEG Analysis
5. A Data Mining Approach for The Efficient Detection of Brain Tumor Disease.
6. Design of Hybrid Data Mining Techniques for Effective Retrieval of Information from Cloud based Applications.
7. Cultivation of Micro Algae and Characterization of its Suitability as an alternate
8. Development of Analytical Methods for Rotary Flows Generated in Spherical Geometry
9. Synthesis, Characterization and Potential Applications of Nano-dithiocarbamate complexes
Department of Electronics & IT Projects:
10. Development of effective Wireless sensor Network System for Water quality and quantity monitoring (AquaSense)
11. Virtual Assistant for Mobile Devices using Voice and Gesture Technologies
AICTE & DST Projects:
12. Development of Low Power and High Speed FPGA based IP Core Mini Ace Architecture Compatible to Data Device Corporation (DDC)
13. Development of a tool for predicting the mechanical properties of steel using Data Science Techniques
14. Development of an Indigenous Low-Cost/ Light Weight Deflectometer for Structural Evaluation of Pavement