IIIC Activities

ACTIVITIES:Establishing institute-industry liaison through
Conduct of industrial training programmes
Facilitating exchange of resource personnel
Carry out industrial R&D
Conduct of industrial visits
Developing appropriate curricula and Undertake consultancy services, etc.
Consultancy & Counseling.
Systems Development.
Testing and Calibration instruments for Industries.
Testing of products and setting of quality control parameters for the Industry.
Joint collaborative research.
Conducting training programmes in Science, Technology, and Management etc.
Opening up the infrastructure facilities of the University departments for utilization by the Industry in resource generation.
Products Development.
Other partnership programmes.
Financial Consultancy
Following Student Projects have been initiated in the institute with support from Industry
Ongoing Projects
I. Projects Supported by M/S X_Design ventures, Hyderabad
1. Development of Mobile Image Positioning and performance Acquisition System (Two Faculty members and 8 M.Tech Students are working on the project).
2. Development of Frequency Modulated Switch for street Light Control.
II. Projects supported by M/S Avantel Limited, Hyderabad
1. Design and Implementation of Controller Unit for Optimum Control of a cell site
2. Implementation of Crest Factor Reduction on DSP processor using peak Cancellation Techniques
3. Design and Implementation of FPGA based Data MODEM.
4. Implementation of Concatenated Codes
5. Multiple Frequency Signal Generator
III. Projects supported by M/S Ananth Technologies, Hyderabad
1. Implementation of PSK, QPSK 8PSK 16-QAM Modulations in FPGA.
2. Design of Base band Module.
3. Implementation of AES256 encryption in FPGA.
4. MIL 1553 Bus Implementation in FPGA.
5. Video Date Transmission using PCM standards
6. Direct Digital Synthesizer for wide band frequency source.
7. SPI, I2C, SM Bus, RS422, RS232 Interface with Micro Controllers.
8. Radio Frequency (RF) Project.
9.Induction Power Transformer.