ED Functions

1.To train,guide,motivate and encourage the engineering students towards another avenue called entrepreneurship
2. To disseminate knowledge of entrepreneurship development
3. To give requisite inputs for starting a successful venture like technical know-how, acquiring financial assistance, licensing , pollution control
4. Tips to maintain the business after successful launching
5. Assistance in identifying product and services
6. Assisting in preparing project report for feasibility
7. To liaison with officials of NEN, EDI, SISI, APITCO, SIDBI.IDBI.MSME.APSFC, APSIDC etc
8. To encourage young talented entrepreneurs to set up units in this region.
9. To keep the management information for dissemination for prospective entrepreneurs for setting up a venture.
10. To act as knowledge hub for entrepreneurship development.
11. Consultency services for entrepreneurship development.
12. To build data base for industrial statistics
13. To develop research activities in entrepreneurship development.