Completed Research Projects

The following 36 major research projects which were completed in the institute worth

Rs. 334.69 Lakhs.

Industry Projects
1. Driving simulators for Indian environment
2. Automated Commando Training System
3. Sensory Measurement Unit & Driver Drill Cabin
4. Campus Management Solution Modules
5. Mobile Image Position and Performance Acquisition System
6. Intelligent and Intuitive Signaling System for On-road Driver assistance
7. FM Based Switch for Street Light Control
8. Driver safety index using integrated computing system
9. Design and Development of 1553IP Core
AICTE & DST Projects:
10. Designing of Electro Coagulation method for waste water treatment
11. Theoretical and Experimental Investigation through Porus media
12. Performance Appraisal of polymer modified bitumen
13. Image Fusion Using Fuzzy and Neuro Fuzzy Logic
14. GIS & GPS based vehicle tracking system & accident analysis.
15. Multi scale Mechanical Methods for Characterization of Bone and Biomaterials.
16. Experimental Study of influences of pulsed current and non-pulsed current Gas Tungsten Arc Welding on 6082 Aluminium Alloy Weldments
17. Design and Development of System for ECG waveform characterization and processing
University Grants Commission (UGC) Minor Projects:
18. Optimization of controllable turning parameters for high speed dry machining of super alloys by measurement of tool wear
19. Laboratory Investigation of Recycled Asphalt Pavements (RAP) In Predicting Its Influence on Modified Asphalt Mixture for Evaluation of Rutting Characteristics
20. Identity Based Short Signature Without Using Random Oracles
21. Implementation of biomedical image processing on embedded hardware.
22. Design And Implementation of Algorithm For Real Time Patient Monitoring In Ambulance While Transit.
23. Development and Validation for Non-Technical Losses (NTL's) detection of Electricity Theft Using Genetic hybrid SVM Approach
24. Development of a High level Frame work that works on flash TLF 2.0 specification for animated text display in e-Learning
25. Development of optimization techniques for protective devices and distributed generators allocation to optimize reality and to reduce losses in electrical power distribution system
26. Hardware Implementation of FPGA based CO for Multilevel Inverter.
27. Design & Development of Maximum Power TR Link & Static Converter for Smart Micro Application.
28. Development & Implementation of DSP B Algorithm for the Protection of Power TR.
29. Using Mobile Technology to enable and FA is tributed learning for enhancing English Communication Skills for better employable UG students in Andhra Pradesh
30. Development of and implementation of algorithm for real time automation System to assist paralyzed patients using eye blinking.
31. Prototyping of wireless Networks System for Agricultural magnet synchronous Motor.
32. FPGA Implementation of Field oriented CO permanent magnet synchronous Motor
Defense R&D Organization (DRDO) Projects:
33. Comparative study of "Weld characteristics of IS:65032A aluminum alloy by two processes friction stir welding (FSW) and Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW)"
34. Feasibility Study of Weapon Locking & Tracking System
35. Evaluation of machinability characteristics of TI-6AI-4V titanium alloy with conventional and eco-friendly cutting fluids
36. Consultancy work worth 2.34 lakhs was taken up by RCC from Mira Consulting Inc., Malaysia for the project titled "ROI Booster"
37. Consultancy work worth 17 lakhs was taken up by Civil Engineering Department during last four years.