Core Values

VNRVJIET stands for its values and noble ideas. The core identified values of the Institution in all its activities and endeavours are:
❖ Value Based Education:
Create a strong learning environment with values and ethics that enhance the academic excellence and develop students’ social and interpersonal skills making them responsible citizens.
❖ Equity and Inclusiveness:
Provide students with knowledge and skills to participate, collaborate, compete and connect with the society, such that the personal or socio-economic circumstances are not barriers to succeed.
❖ Sustainability:
Envision environment, socio-economic requirements, cultivate knowledge and skills necessary to attain sustainable development.
❖ Compliance with Requirements:
Ensure every activity and procedure in compliance with the established guidelines and specifications set by the governing authorities and statutory bodies
❖ Righteousness:
Maintain integrity and transparency in deliverables through well-established procedures for continuous assessment and evaluation.