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The CSE-Association Association was formed in the year 1996 keeping in view the requirement of guidance to students of CSE disciplines in understanding cutting-edge technologies in ever-advancing field of computers. The association has been actively involved in conducting Guest Lecturers by eminent Scientists, Professors and Executives of premiere organizations for the benefit of all the students of the college, to enhance their Technical knowledge in the latest topics.
The association conducts freshers and farewell for the I year and IV year students respectively. The association also conducts different departmental events like

1.AGILE(Non-Technical quiz)
2.Ether Avatar
3.Seminars on latest technologies.

Core Committee :
Chairman :Mrs.B.V.Kiranmayee
Faculty Coordinator :M.Manasa Devi & V.P.Hara Gopal
 Chairperson : S. SIVA AKSHAY ( IV B.Tech)
General Secretary:N.J.CHANDRAKANTH(IV B.tech)
Joint Secretary:K.Sneha Reddy(IV B.Tech)
Treasurer : D. KIRANMAYEE ( IV B.Tech)
Chief Event Organizers:Y. SAI PRITHVI & K.SAHITHI( IV B.Tech)

  Executive Committee  Members
IV Year
S.Kavya 13071A0525
M.Raveena Reddy 13071A0533
P.Sunil Kumar 14075A0506
T.Sowmya 13071A05H5
V.Rohith 13071A05H8
III Year
K.S.P.Dheeraj 14071A0524
N.Meena Rao 14071A0539
G.Anurag Reddy 14071A0585
M.Rishnika 14071A05B5
K.Vishnu Vardhan Reddy 14071A05D9
Vidisha Gummadi 14071A05H9
Bhava Pranavi 14071A05I8
Ch.Shivadeep 14071AO5J2
II Year
Samhitha kola 15071A0521
Dinesh Vadde 15071A0551
K. Mouna Reddy 15071A0578
Sheikh Mujahed 15071A05B1
Slagha Anne 15071A05I5
Tarun Mourya 15071A05M9
Naga Lohitha 15071A05K3


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