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M.Tech CSE

Program Educational Objectives: 

I.To provide a systematic expertise in areas like academics, research, entrepreneurship or industry with specialization in Computer Science and Engineering. 

II.To enhance analytical, prototyping abilities and building computing solutions that are quantifiable for scientific and multi-disciplinary engineering challenges.

III. To produce students with sound theoretical and problem solving skills in this discipline so as to derive standard and quality products.

IV.To adapt students in fitting into various roles and responsibilities with complete knowledge of social and ethical issues, communication skills and team work thereby moulding them into best citizens of the society.

V. To create the zeal and enthusiasm for life long reflective learning and expose them to latest research trends in computer science and its applications in various other domains.

Program Outcomes:

a. To understand and apply the knowledge of mathematics and computer science theory in solving computing based real problems

b. To analyze a problem,identify and define the computing requirements with comprehensive knowledge in the area of specialization appropriate to its solution.

c. To design and construct technical systems, components or processes to meet the evolving needs within realistic constraints such as economic, environmental, health & safety and cultural.

d. To utilize research-based knowledge and methods including the design of experiments, analysis, interpretation of data and synthesis of information to arrive at valid conclusions.

e. To use current technologies, tools and skills necessary for computing practice.

f. Todrive innovation and collaboration skills by utilizing the technical knowledge to work with interdisciplinary groups and adapt to constantly evolving technology.

g. To apply theory and algorithmic principles of computer science in the modeling and design of computer-based systems in a way that demonstrates comprehension of the tradeoffs involved in

h. To function effectively on teams to accomplish a common goal and communicate effectively

i. To engage in lifelong learning

j. To understand professional and ethical responsibilities

k. To engage in reflective independent learning by critically analyzing the outcomes of the actions

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