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Department of Information Technology

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

Program Educational Objectives of B.Tech in Information Technology are to:

Program Outcomes (PO’s)  

The program demonstrates that the graduate is  able to


a) Apply mathematics, logical, statistical, and scientific principles, emphasizing computing and information processing.

b) Identify and analyze the user needs and take them in to account for Selection, Creation, Evaluation and Administration of Computer-based systems.

c) Understand software engineering and Testing principles and apply them to design, develop, implement and deploy with extensive security features.

d) Engage actively in research, consulting, and other professional activities, both to advance individual professional competence and to integrate new knowledge into the educational programs.

e) Use modern techniques and tools necessary for computing practice that drives towards entrepreneurship.

f) Update their knowledge with the latest technologies by getting involved in projects benefiting the society and contributing to economic growth.

g)  Understand the impact of engineering solutions in a social and global environment and ensure sustainability of the solutions.

h) Apply information technology principles and practices to a variety of problems, with the understanding of social, professional and ethical issues.

i) Work effectively in teams with people of diverse backgrounds at all corporate levels.

j)  Demonstrate quality skills so as to speak listen and present effectively the acquired technical knowledge to a range of audience.

k) Utilize project management skills and principles of finance and economics in the construction of hardware and software systems with business objective.

l) Engage in lifelong learning to adopt or develop the technological advancements to meet the growing and changing societal needs.

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