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On-going Sponsored Research Projects

The following 12 research projects are on-going in the institute worth Rs. 109.86 Lakhs.

Defense R&D Organization (DRDO) Projects:


  • Development of a machine learning based algorithm for computer aided-diagnosis malaria
  • Development of procedures for computation of Titanium-canadium binary alloy system using cluster variation methods
  • Development of a tool for the management of diabetes mellitus
  • Evaluation of machinability characteristics of TI-6AI-4V titanium alloy with conventional and eco-friendly cutting fluids


University Grants Commission (UGC) Projects:


  • Development and Implementation of Automized System for the Detection of Sleep Disorders Using EEG Analysis
  • A Data Mining Approach for The Efficient Detection of Brain Tumor Disease.
  • Design of Hybrid Data Mining Techniques for Effective Retrieval of Information from Cloud based Applications.
  • Cultivation of Micro Algae and Characterization of its Suitability as an alternate
  • Development of Analytical Methods for Rotary Flows Generated in Spherical Geometry



Department of Electronics & IT Projects:

  • Development of effective Wireless sensor Network System for Water quality and quantity monitoring (AquaSense)
  • Virtual Assistant for Mobile Devices using Voice and Gesture Technologies

AICTE & DST Projects:

  • Development of Low Power and High Speed FPGA based IP Core Mini Ace Architecture Compatible to Data Device Corporation (DDC)


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