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Completed Sponsored Research Projects

 The following 35 major research projects which are completed in the institute worth Rs. 325.37 Lakhs.

Industry Projects:


  • Driving simulators for Indian environment
  • Automated Commando Training System
  • Sensory Measurement Unit & Driver Drill Cabin
  • Campus Management Solution Modules
  • Mobile Image Position and Performance Acquisition System
  • Intelligent and Intuitive Signaling System for On-road Driver assistance
  • FM Based Switch for Street Light Control
  • Driver safety index using integrated computing system
  • Design and Development of 1553IP Core


AICTE & DST Projects:


  • Designing of Electro Coagulation method for waste water treatment
  • Theoretical and Experimental Investigation through Porus media
  • Performance Appraisal of polymer modified bitumen
  • Image Fusion Using Fuzzy and Neuro Fuzzy Logic
  • GIS & GPS based vehicle tracking system & accident analysis.
  • Multi scale Mechanical Methods for Characterization of Bone and Biomaterials.
  • Experimental Study of influences of pulsed current and non-pulsed current Gas Tungsten Arc Welding on 6082 Aluminium Alloy Weldments
  • Design and Development of System for ECG waveform characterization and processing


University Grants Commission (UGC) Minor Projects:


  • Optimization of controllable turning parameters for high speed dry machining of super alloys by measurement of tool wear
  • Laboratory Investigation of Recycled Asphalt Pavements (RAP) In Predicting Its Influence on Modified Asphalt Mixture for Evaluation of Rutting Characteristics
  • Identity Based Short Signature Without Using Random Oracles
  • Implementation of biomedical image processing on embedded hardware.
  • Design And Implementation of Algorithm For Real Time Patient Monitoring In Ambulance While Transit.
  • Development and Validation for Non-Technical Losses (NTL’s) detection of Electricity Theft Using Genetic hybrid SVM Approach
  • Development of a High level Frame work that works on flash TLF 2.0 specification for animated text display in e-learning
  • Development of optimization techniques for protective devices and distributed generators allocation to optimize reliability and to reduce losses in electrical power distribution system
  • Hardware Implementation of FPGA based CO for Multilevel Inverter.
  • Design & Development of Maximum Power TR Link & Static Converter for Smart Micro Application.
  • Development & Implementation of DSP B Algorithm for the Protection of Power TR.
  • Using Mobile Technology to enable and FA is tributed learning for enhancing English Communication Skills for better employable UG students in Andhra Pradesh
  • Development of and implementation of algorithm for real time automation System to assist paralyzed patients using eye blinking.
  • Prototyping of wireless Networks System for Agricultural magnet synchronous Motor.
  • FPGA Implementation of Field oriented CO permanent magnet synchronous Motor


Defense R&D Organization (DRDO) Projects:

  • Comparative study of “Weld characteristics of IS:65032A aluminum alloy by two processes friction stir welding (FSW) and Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW)”
  • Feasibility Study of Weapon Locking & Tracking System


  • Consultancy work worth 2.34 lakhs was taken up by RCC from Mira Consulting Inc., Malaysia for the project titled “ ROI Booster”
  • Consultancy work worth 17 lakhs was taken up by Civil Engineering Department during last four years.

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