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Head of the Department: Dr. T. Jayashree


Head of the Department: Dr.T.Jayashree The Humanities and Sciences Department started functioning right from the inception of the Institute in the year 1995. The Department comprises five disciplines namely, English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Management Sciences. As an integral part of the institute, the prime focus of H & S Department is to provide a conceptual base in Basic Sciences which form a foundation to the Engineering subjects.

Apart from this, the department is instrumental in grooming the students into competent Engineers and individuals through training in Soft Skills and Managerial Economics ready to compete for global opportunities.

The department takes pride in having experienced faculty with educational and research background from premier institutes like NIT, IIT, HCU and EFLU.

In view of the rapid development of knowledge and the technological changes, the department of H&S seeks to strengthen the department by integrating it with the engineering departments for a productive knowledge base.

The department has been encouraging the conduct of workshops and seminars to enable the faculty to keep abreast of the knowledge and methodologies in the respective fields of research.
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Dr. Kelly is a Professor of Chemistry at Chestnut Hill College, Philadelphia, USA, and she has a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry.

Her current area of expertise is in student-centered active-learning methodologies, in particular Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning (POGIL).

 As a Fulbright-Nehru Scholar, she is attached to VNR VJIET where she is working with instructors on writing, facilitating, and assessing POGIL activities in their classes.

She is also teaching units in Chemistry of Engineering Materials and Engineering Chemistry.

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