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Dr. K.Anuradha
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Personal Information
Academic Information
Student Projects
Membership In Professional Societies
Work Experience
Training/Conferences/Short Term Courses Attended
Training/Conferences/Short Term Courses Conducted
Research Area :
Power Electronics and Drives
Courses Taught
UG Courses Electrical Circuit Theory, Power Electronics, Power Semi Conductor Drives, Network Analysis, Electrical Machines, Micro Processors and Micro Controllers.
PG Courses Power Electronic Converters-I,Power Electronic Converters-II,DC Drives,AC Drives
Personal Information
Name Dr. K.Anuradha
Designation Professor
Date of Joining -
Email Address eeehead@vnrvjiet.in
Phone [Mobile] 04023042758
Office Extention 0
Academic Information
Degree/Diploma Description year subject
1 B.E. / B.Tech.( Bachelor of Engg. / Bachelor of Technology ) Electrical and Electronics Engineering 1992
2 M.E. / M.Tech.( Master of Engg. / Master of Technology ) Industrial Drives and Control 1997
3 Ph.D.( Doctor of Philosophy ) Electrical Engineering 2011
Student Projects
1 M.Tech Project Guided Design and Development of Novel Multilevel Inverter Topologies” 2014

2 M.Tech Project Guided “DC level stabilization in Multilevel Inverters” 2013

3 M.Tech Project Guided “Hardware Implementation of SVM based two level Inverter” 2012

4 M.Tech Project Guided “Arc Furnace flicker mitigation using DSTATCOM”, 2011

5 M.Tech Project Guided “Cascaded Multi Level Converter Based DSTATCOM” 2010

6 M.Tech Project Guided “Analysis of Diode Clamped Multi Level Converter for Induction Motor Drives” 2009

7 M.Tech Project Guided “Slip Power Recovery Scheme for Doubly fed Induction Motor” 2008

8 M.Tech Project Guided “Dynamic Modeling and Performance Analysis of Voltage Controlled Induction Motor by Series Connected Thyristor Switches” 2007

Work Experience
From Date To Date Designation Organization Name
1 25/06/1997 25/06/2003 Assistant Professor VNR VJIET
2 26/06/2003 01/06/2011 Associate Professor VNRVJIET
3 02/06/2011 Professor VNRVJIET
Membership In Professional Societies
Description No Membership No Membership Information
Training/Conferences/Short Term Courses Attended
Month Year Training attended Information
1 JULY 2013 One Day Training Program on “Evaluators/Resource Persons on Outcome Based Accreditation” at Osmania University, Hyderabad
2 MAY 2013 • Three Day Workshop on “Art of Teaching”
3 JULY 2010 Half Day Tutorial on “Smart Grid Technology and Business Opportunities” by PES/IAS/PELS Hyderabad Chapter supported by FAPCCI, Hyderabad
4 AUG 2010 Half Day Tutorial on “Development of Massive Wind Power Plants” by PES/IAS/PELS Hyderabad Chapter supported by FAPCCI, Hyderabad
5 JAN 2003 IEEE sponsored workshop on “Emerging trends in Application of Power Electronics to Drives”, IIT Kanpur
6 DEC 2005 ISTE sponsored workshop on “Application of Power Electronics to Power Systems”, GVP, Visakhapatnam
7 MAR 2008 A three day Workshop on Digital Signal Processor Applications to Electric Drives sponsored by TEQIP
Training/Conference/Short Term Courses Conducted
Month Year Training Conductted Information
1 MAY 2014 Conducted a Three Day Workshop on MATLAB (Simulink/Programming) under TEQIP-II.
2 APRIL 2013 Conducted a Two Day Workshop on “High Voltage Technology”
3 JUN 2012 Conducted AICTE Sponsored Staff Development Program (SDP) on “Modern Control Techniques for Power Systems MCTPS-2012”
4 FEB 2012 Conducted a two-day Workshop on “Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic:(From Fundamentals to Advanced Applications)” by Dr.Madan M Gupta, Professor Emeritus, Distinguished Chair, University of Saskatchewan, Canada
5 AUG 2011 Conducted AICTE Sponsored 2-day National Conference on “National Economy and Social Transformation through Advances in Electrical Engineering (NEST-AEE-2011)”
6 JAN 2011 Conducted a two-day Workshop on “Modeling and Control of Electrical Machines” for faculty of various Engineering Colleges
7 JULY 2010 Conducted Guest Lecture on “Real Time Ratings Application in Transmission Networks” by Dr.Ch.Sudhakar, Team Leader-Transmission Cable (Design), British Columbia Hydro Power Corporation, Vancouver, Canada
8 FEB 2010 Conducted a Three-Day Workshop on “Simulation of Power Systems Using MiPower Software” for faculty and Research Scholars. Resource Persons are from PRDC, Bangalore
9 JULY 2009 Conducted a Tutorial on “Smart Distribution Grids for Future-Challenges & Possible Solutions” by Professor S.S.(Mani)Venkata, Professor Emeritus & Chair , Iowa State University, Affiliate Professor, University of Washington
10 MAY 2007 Conducted a one-day professional training programme on “Application of Digital Signal Processors for Induction Motor Speed Control” for Faculty and M.Tech. Students
, VNR VJIET, Hyderabad
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